A new Limp Bizkit leak has surfaced on the internet. Titled “Smelly Beaver,” the leak features 16 tracks including a standard LB Intro and an Outro – all amounting to an album’s worth of material. However, the first thought that comes to mind, that this might be music from the new album “GOLD COBRA,” well, that isn’t the case here. The leak features various B-sides, including some that have appeared in the past.

However, what makes this leak different  from the ones before is the quality of the recordings. “Smelly Beaver” has tracks ripped at 320kbps – great quality, must say (“Drive Right In Me” and the bonus track “Action Dumb” being the only exceptions on this front). The leak includes several “Off The Record” tracks that were recorded during and just before the “Results May Vary” sessions. “Just Drop Dead” has been renamed “Deserve More,” “Let It Go” has been renamed “A True Friend,” “Don’t Press Your Luck” is called “Get Fucked Up!” while my favorite “Crack Addict” appears as “Right Now, Let’s Go!”. Not to forget “Introver,” that was featured as the background music on limpbizkit.com around the time of the release of “The Unquestionable Truth” EP.

While the leak may not satiate angry fans waiting for “GOLD COBRA” for over a year now, it’s surely a treat as it gives them some “new” music while they wait for some real “NEW” music. After all, something is better than nothing, right?

“GOLD COBRA” would be the first album since 2000’s “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water” to feature the definitive Limp Bizkit lineup, including guitarist Wes Borland. That album remains the fastest selling rock album ever in North America, with sales of a million+ in the first week in the US alone!

Here’s the track list:
01. Introver
02. Right Now, Let’s Go!
03. Sniffing
04. Deserve More
05. A True Friend
06. I’m Alrite
07. Your Bluff
08. My Memory
09. Fire It Up!
10. Shut It Up!
11. Dive Right In Me
12. Beautiful Boy
13. I’ve Got No Clue
14. Get Fucked Up!
15. Actin Dumb (bonus track)
16. Outrover

Why haven’t I added a link here, you ask? Well, I don’t support piracy 😉

And no, “Smelly Beaver” does not just refer to a smelly beaver, the rodent. Go figure 😉