GODSMACK vocalist Sully Erna has announced the release date for his debut solo album. Titled “Avalon,” the album comes out on September 14th via Universal Republic. The self-produced album is a combination of work that took Sully Erna almost seven years to complete.

The album’s first single “Sinner’s Prayer” featuring singer Lisa Guyer was released on August 3rd. Sully was approached to record “Sinner’s Prayer” for this year’s Sylvester Stallone blockbuster “The Expendables”, which will also feature Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke and Randy Couture. Few months later, however, Erna stated that the song won’t be featured in that movie due to the fact that Stallone changed the scene the song was attached to.

Here is the track listing for the album:

1. “Avalon” 4:57
2. “7 Years” 8:41
3. “Broken Road” 5:08
4. “Sinner’s Prayer” 4:17
5. “My Light” 5:28
6. “The Rise” 6:45
7. “Until Then…” 5:10
8. “The Departed” 5:50
9. “Eyes Of A Child” 4:40
10. “In Through Time” 3:43