Its official now. The ROCK ‘N INDIA 2010 OCTOBER EDITION featuring SLAYER and TESTAMENT has been cancelled. I had a gut feeling all this while, that somehow all this was WAY too good to be true. Sadly, I was right 😦

And the guys at DNA Networks never fail to disappoint, or so it seems. After an epic failure with Rock ‘N India 2010 where they invited the BACKSTREET BOYS and RICHARD MARX to headline that “ROCK” festival whose previous headliners included IRON MAIDEN, MEGADETH and MACHINE HEAD, they have now thrown away their one chance to redeem themselves. After earning unprecedented backlash from the Indian Metal community after announcing their headliners for the 2010 edition, with this news  a joke shared by every major international metal magazine, they are at it again.

When TESTAMENT recently announced via Twitter their plans to co-headline ROCK ‘N INDIA 2010 OCTOBER EDITION with SLAYER, it seemed DNA Networks was getting back on track to gain some much-needed credibility. I mean, who wouldn’t have forgiven them if they brought for us SLAYER and TESTAMENT? But it ain’t happening guys. Forget it.

Dear Rock Fans, due to unforeseen circumstances we had to change the Romanov Red Rock in India Rock Festival. It will now be held in its original season of February 2011. We promise to make it BIGGER than ever before.”

Well, one can only hope their “BIGGER than ever before” will not be as big as it was with the 2010 edition. Amen.