Linkin Park - The Catalyst

LINKIN PARK had revealed their intentions of not returning to their nu-metal roots along with their willingness to experiment even more quite explicitly in the interviews leading up to the release of “The Catalyst.” But nothing could have prepared their fans for this new anthem of raw and untailored sonic aggression. The song manages to sound enraged and thoughtful at the same time, a very difficult combination to pull off.

I don’t expect majority of the band’s audience nodding their heads in approval, but accusations of selling-out and going “pop” seem very ill informed.  Just because a song doesn’t have a heavy guitar upfront doesn’t mean it is pop, for a song that is almost 6 minutes long is the farthest thing from a radio friendly commercial song. Selling-out, for me, would have been releasing Hybrid Theory 2.0. Hats off to the band that is willing to risk so much, and at such scale too, only to stay true to their art.

“The Catalyst” can aptly be called a litmus test for the band’s audience where the band is testing their fans, and not the other way round. And I am proud to have passed the test.

Akhil Kashyap