"A Thousand Suns" Cover Art

As predicted in my previous post on LINKIN PARK, the fans had been setting the artwork for the band’s upcoming album “A Thousand Suns” free through their tweets. The band finally revealed the album cover on their official website.

Oh, the satisfaction that accompanies “See, I told you!” remains absolutely unparalleled. Trust me on this one!  😉

And as regards the actual album cover – simplicity, ambiguity & minimalism seem to be the key words here.

In other news related to the band, LINKIN PARK’s vocalist Chester Bennington is all set to star in the seventh and final installment of the Saw Franchise, SAW 3D, which has a release date of October 22nd in the US. Check out the official trailer featuring Chester right here:

Also check out these stills from the trailer:

Chester Bennington In A Still From Saw 3D #1

Chester Bennington In A Still From Saw 3D #2