Rock Street Journal (RSJ) recently confirmed that ENSLAVED, TESSERACT and PURIFIED IN BLOOD will headline the 2010 edition of the annual Great Indian Rock (GIR) Festival. The festival which RSJ describes as “The Definitive Indian Rock Festival Since 1995” has previously been headlined by many international acts including SATYRICON, ENSLAVED, FREAK KITCHEN, SAHG, JOHN MYUNG (DREAM THEATRE), BENEA REACH, INTRONAUT, SOLSTATE and YOUR CODE NAME IS: MILO along with several other Indian bands.

Although many recent festivals in India like ROCK IN INDIA (IRON MAIDEN, MEGADETH, MACHINE HEAD and who can ever forget – the BACKSTREET BOYS & RICHARD MARX), DECCAN ROCK FESTIVAL (AMON AMARTH, TEXTURES), METAL FEST (SEPULTURA) and the very recent SUMMER STORM (LAMB OF GOD) have, in a way, stolen the thunder from GIR, the festival still holds a place of its own in the Indian Rock & Metal scene.

The festival started off and continued for many years aiming to provide budding Indian bands with a platform to showcase their talent and took the form of a competition. However, recently the organizers have done away with the competition, focusing solely on showcasing the best that Indian rock & metal has to offer. “Over the years, bands like Indian Ocean, Parikrama, Orange Street, Euphoria, Them Clones etc have been launched via this platform.”

Here are the dates for the 2010 edition of GIR:

Bangalore: 18th & 19th December, 2010 – Palace Grounds

Delhi: 18th and & 19th December, 2010 – Hamsadhwani Open Air

Kolkata: 17th December, 2010 NICCO Park

Pune: 17th December, 2010 Oasis.

More about the three headliners in my next post.