After releasing “Another Way To Die” as the lead single off their upcoming album  “Asylum,” DISTURBED have offered a free download of the title track “Asylum” at their official web site.  Although the track “Asylum” wouldn’t be available on iTunes before July 20, the band has released this track for free exclusively on their web site, but only for a limited time (which I believe would be up until the official single release on July 20).

The follow-up to the band’s platinum selling “Indestructible” was self-produced by the band’s guitarist Dan Donegan, just like its predecessor. “Asylum,” the album arrives on August 30 in the UK and on August 31 in the US through Reprise Records.  Although an Indian release date hasn’t been announced yet, my friends at IMI [Indian Music Industry] have confirmed that the album will release in India through Virgin Records India.

The band is also working on a video for this track, which would be directed by Roboshobo, a guy with a pretty interesting name, to say the least. Roboshobo –  no that’s not the guy’s real name, was christened Robert Schober (doesn’t that rhyme too, or am I still high?) by his more sensible parents (although only marginally). He has also produced the video for the lead single “Another Way To Die.” The Guy (No, I don’t mean the mascot of DISTURBED who also is called “The Guy,” but Roboshobo) can also boast of directing videos like METALLICA’s “All Nightmare Long,” DEFTONES’ “Diamond Eyes” and MASTODON’s “Sleeping Giant,” “Divinations” and “Oblivion” among others. Pretty impressive!!

But on a more serious note, I personally think all of these videos were quite good and that this guy is genuinely talented. The video for “All Nightmare Long,” with its grungy, grainy and old-school feel was amazing! Not to forget the video for MASTODON’s “Oblivion,” which was kind of like a homage to Stanley Kubrick/Arthur C. Clarke classic “2001: A Space Odyssey,” another personal favorite.

Here’s hoping the new video lives up to expectations. In the mean time, enjoy the song “Asylum” which is both heavier and IMO ( In My Opinion 😛 ) better than “Another Way To Die.”

Oh no, Don’t thank me. Thank the band. Cheers!!

And yes, the band recently released the kick-ass cover art for “Asylum,” which obviously features “The Guy.” Check it out!

Asylum Cover Art